‘I knew I’d look a bit of a muppet’ – Tamworth fan sees funny side to stag do prank

For lifelong Tamworth fan and husband-to-be Jim Beestone, his stag do was always going to be a memorable day.

When he discovered Tamworth were away at Rushall Olympic on the same day, Jim couldn’t believe his luck and quickly organised an away day before his night out.

The groom thought he was simply going to see the game against Rushall Olympic on Saturday with a few friends ahead of tying the knot with fiancé Emma a fortnight later.

Unbeknown to him, his friends had a few ideas to make the day a little more interesting.

“It wasn’t really my idea to wear the full kit,” says Beestone. 

“I’ve followed Tamworth for over twenty years now, and so I knew we were going to go and watch a Tamworth game before we went out in the evening. 

“When we found out it was away at Rushall we all met up at my brother’s, and they told me they had a present for me. 


“When they pulled out a shirt, I thought that was quite nice, but then out came the shorts and socks. By the time the shinpads, boots and armband came out I knew what was going on and what I was going to be in for that afternoon!”

“I knew I’d look a bit of a muppet, but that’s part of the point of your stag do, isn’t it?

“I got a lot of stick at the ground for it from both sets of fans but when people saw it said ‘Stag’ on the back of my shirt everyone was really nice about it and wished me good luck for the wedding, especially Smudge and the players that saw it.”

On the pitch, the players did their level best to get Jim’s day off to the worst possible start.

Trailing until second half stoppage time, it looked like Tamworth were set for a defeat. But an incredible turnaround in the dying minutes set things up nicely for the stag party.

“We were originally going to have the stag this weekend, but I’m glad it ended up being a week early now.

“I think it’s fair to say it wasn’t a vintage performance by the lads, and I’ve certainly seen them play better this season but the scenes at the end were a great way to kick the day off. 

“My mates were pretty impressed – some of them hadn’t really seen much non-league football before and were quite complimentary about the style of football Tamworth try and play – I may get some of them down to the Lamb again in the future.”

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