Away again! Tamworth start on the road for the fourth straight season

(Credit: Paul Barber)

Andrew Danylyszyn admits he’d rather be playing Royston away earlier on in the season but wishes Tamworth could finally get a home game to open the season.

The Lambs start the new season on the road to the Crows – the fourth season in a row they’ve kicked off a campaign away from home.

The last time they were at home, it was against Bradford (Park Avenue) in 2017.

Tamworth have lost just three of their opening games in the last 17 seasons.

And despite pining for an opener on home turf, Danylyszyn says it might not be the worst outcome this season.


“It’s strange. We’ve been here for three full seasons, and we’ve had St Ives, Peterborough Sports and now Royston all on the opening day and all away,” he said.

“It would be nice to have a home game to start with!

“You’ve got to play everyone twice though and it’s much better to be playing at Royston on a Saturday afternoon at the beginning of the season than a cold Tuesday night in January when people have got to leave work.

“We’re ok with the fixtures and our mindset will be to take every game as it comes, it would just be good to have a home game to start with because that brings excitement with it for the fans.

“The lads will be up for it whatever happens though.”

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