Smith admits regret over Rowe-Turner exit but says Tamworth will have enough

Lathaniel Rowe-Turner (Credit: Paul Barber)

Gary Smith says there’s no hard feelings between Tamworth and departing Lathaniel Rowe-Turner after the defender signed for Stourbridge.

Rowe-Turner had penned a deal that would have taken him into his third season at the Lambs.

But the club announced his departure on Tuesday afternoon before the Glassboys confirmed the 31-year-old as their latest signing.

Although Smith admits he wanted the defender to stay, he says it’s just one of the many challenges a football manager has to take in their stride.


“We thought we’d got that sorted with Snoop to be still at the club. We wanted him to stay, I wanted him to stay – I told him that, I made it pretty clear,” Smith said.

“He wasn’t happy about certain things, which I’m not going to share with everyone because it doesn’t concern everyone. Regrettably he’s gone but we thank him for the last two seasons because he’s come to Tamworth and done really well in that time.

“He built a successful partnership with Joe Magunda that, any other season, would’ve taken us to the title. His ability is unquestionable, just like his experience.

“It’s sad to see him go but it’s football. It’s one of those things you have to deal with as a manager.

“You’re always going to come up against challenges that aren’t to the best of your liking, but players come, and players go. All I can do is wish him well, I wish him all the success in the world.

“He’s still a good friend, I have no problems with him. He chose to move on and as a football club we will do exactly the same.”

Tamworth have strengthened defensively ahead of their first pre-season friendly – with Orrin Pendley and Jordaan Brown arriving.

Bedworth United come to the Lamb on Saturday to get preparations for the new season underway.

Smith: “We’ll continue to build” (Credit: Paul Barber)

And while Smith thinks they have enough players to cover Rowe-Turner’s departure – he won’t hesitate to add more players.

“We continue to build, and we’ll see where it takes us,” he said.

“It doesn’t leave us short, that’s for sure because we had enough players marked down as defenders to cover the back four.

“We’ll have a look at it over the next couple of days and see if we need to strengthen some more and get another body in.”

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