New Tamworth recruit Pendley glad he’ll be playing for the home side at The Lamb next season

(Credit: Lambs Media)

Orrin Pendley says he’s excited to sign for Tamworth – not least because it means the Lambs’ fans will be on his side for a change.

The defender has joined the club from Rushall Olympic and has never won a game at The Lamb as a player.

He also admits there is a huge amount of pressure to deliver what the fans want this season but reckons it’s something he and his new teammates will thrive off.

“It’s exciting to say I’m a Tamworth player now,” he said.

“I’ve been speaking to Andy now for about two years and I’ve been trying to come here for a while but there’s been a few obstacles stopping it. I know a lot about the club, it’s a big, big club.

“There’s always a good turnout at the ground and the fanbase is huge. The funny thing is that I’ve never won at The Lamb as a player, and I think that speaks for itself in terms of how much the home fans can intimidate players.

“We’ve got to be more competitive than ever because the league is going to be better than ever so everyone will be raring to go. We’ve had two seasons locked off so people will be ready for a fight and the league will be tasty.

“There is pressure to deliver. When the manager and the club want to get promoted there’s a pressure to make sure you can get over the line for them.

“The fans want to go up and be back in the National League, so it is pressure but it’s good pressure to have. You need it sometimes.”

The 25-year-old also has high praise for the Tamworth management team.

Pendley is looking forward to working with Tamworth’s management team (Credit: Paul Barber)

After seeing the work and preparation that goes into training sessions and setting the team up to be successful, where he wanted to sign for the coming season was a simple decision.

“One of the good things about Andy is that he’s a great coach and someone who I think I can work well with, and I can’t wait to get going.

“Andy’s very passionate and does everything he can on the sideline to push us when we’re on the pitch.”

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