Smith can’t speak highly enough of ‘immense’ backing from Tamworth owners

Gary Smith has praised his relationship with Tamworth owners Bob Andrews and Steve Lathbury, describing the pair as ‘immense’.

The Lambs favourite, along with joint boss Andrew Danylyszyn, has been well backed since taking over in January 2019.

With two seasons wasted due to pandemic repercussions, that support is needed more than ever as the Lambs plot a return to the National League.

Last week, Smith confirmed positive talks with the club’s board about budgets for next season.

With a number of key players expected to stay at the club, Smith has praised the backing from the boardroom.

“Those two guys [Bob Andrews and Steve Lathbury] are immense,” Smith said.

“I can’t praise them enough in terms of the support they give us. We are the managers of the football club and we’re allowed to just manage. We have discussions about things but there’s never a problem.

“I can’t speak highly about the things they do for this football club. A lot of people don’t see what they do but the work those two gents have put in to sustain this football club is unbelievable.

“Of course they could have walked away, it’s not a bottomless pit of money they have. You can’t expect people to be pumping thousands and thousands of pounds into something that has no reward at the end of it – no business is sustainable in that sense.

“With no revenue coming in for over a year now and two seasons wiped out, it doesn’t put people in a good position as a business.

“But the work they do to make sure the people of Tamworth have got a club to support is immense and we’ve got to be thankful for that.

“There’s been constant dialogue. There’s never been a time where they haven’t been available.”

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