York City begin Bootham Crescent exit as fans bid for a piece of history

York City fans are currently bidding on items from their historic Bootham Crescent ground after the club completed their move to the LNER Community Stadium.

Everything from turf and seats to goalposts and toilets are up for a sale in a blind auction that was the brainchild of director Richard Parsons.

When the club announced their move away from Bootham Crescent, Parsons got his thinking cap on for ways to create a lasting legacy.

A spare of the moment email soon gathered interest from thousands of fans, all after their own memento from the club’s famous ground.

“When it came to the point of where we were actually leaving Bootham Crescent, I sent out something to our supporters to see what, if anything, people would be interested in purchasing from the ground,” he told The NLP.

“I received over 2,500 replies which was incredible. The items ranged from a piece of turf to turnstiles. Some items really stand out and it’s been really worthwhile doing it.

“We’re selling 132 items through a blind auction and we’ve over a thousand bids placed for a range of items. On the seats alone we’ve managed to raise around £42,000.

“Anything that we’re able to remove from the ground we will sell to anyone who wants it. We’ve had someone ask for a large amount of turf so they can have the pitch in their back garden.

“Some of our season ticket holders have been able to buy their actual seat they’ve sat in for years – it’s gone down really well.”

Some items are being kept back as part of a project that will see a memorial garden to the famous ground on the new development in its place.

“A lot of grounds just disappear when teams move out,” Parsons added.

“Some are car parks or supermarkets and there’s nothing left of what used to be there. We’re working with the developers and the council to try and retain something of the ground within the new housing development.

“We’re keeping a section of the Popular Stand terrace as part of the memorial and the clock from the stand is going to be refurbished and kept for the new ground, so it’ll help carry the spirt and the legacy of Bootham Crescent live on forever.”

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