SJR Worksop face anxious wait on ending current season as league bosses meet

SJR Worksop will await the outcome of a meeting between the Central Midlands League board, with the league mulling over four possible scenarios of how to end the current season.

One option being considered is the pick-up the fixture list in March and aim to complete the season by May – but other variations, including finishing cup competitions and mini leagues have also been touted.

Clubs have also been asked for feedback should they not be satisfied with the suggested outcomes.

The league has confirmed however that whatever happens, promotion and relegation will be off the table.

SJR Worksop are currently in mid-table having only managed to play six games during the pandemic disruption – but boss Guest feels for others.

“I do feel for teams like Retford, Clay Cross, Harworth and Newark who are all making strong claims for promotion,” he said.

“I understand the work that goes in to running a football club, especially during these times, and to just scrap everything for the second season running can be very disheartening.

“We had a league title snatched from us last season and it was heart-breaking, so we can empathise with these clubs.

“The problem we have is that because we are not even halfway through a season, it’s going to be very difficult to sort things fairly.

“We share our pitch with Rockware Cricket Club. Their season is due to start in mid-April. So to make us play all of our 22 matches away from home would not only make it an unfair competition, it would stops us generating any income and put strain on players travelling twice a week.”

With clubs set to have their say before the league meet this week, Guest has made his mind up on what he wants for his club.

“My preference would be to null and void the season, create some mini leagues and finish off the cup competitions,” he said.

“But I would totally understand clubs opposing this, but in this game you’ve got to look out for your own club and that is what I’ll do.”

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