Tamworth Wait For Southern League Decision As Northern League Push Ahead

Tamworth are waiting to find out whether the Southern League will sanction fixtures before the New Year.

Previously, all communications from the League have been joint with the Northern and Isthmian Leagues.

But following the FA announcement that a limited number of spectators could return, the Northern League announced this week they would allow clubs to play fixtures this weekend (December 19) if both clubs agreed, other members of the Trident Leagues are left in limbo.

The Northern League also confirmed they would be recommencing a full fixture list from Boxing Day.

Some clubs in Tamworth’s league have already put plans in place in case of any imminent announcements – Coalville Town and St Ives Town have agreed to play their scheduled fixture this weekend if they are given the green light.

The Southern League are meeting tomorrow to discuss possible ways forward dependant on any announcement by the government.

But Tamworth are waiting for clearer direction.

“We’re awaiting a further announcement from the Southern League as to when and how we’re going to resume,” the Lambs’ joint-boss Gary Smith said.

“With only a limited number of fans allowed back in, that might not suffice for some clubs to run their business. We’ll have to wait and see what they come out with but it’s good that the FA are allowing fans to come back in.

We’re still in Tier 3 so we’ll go ahead of prepare for the return. Fans being back is a good start. It’s only a good sign.

“They should’ve done that in the first place after the lockdown ended on December 2. We could’ve been playing properly since then.

 “I can’t say for sure what will happen with furloughed players. We’re waiting for some clarification about what the announcement means. When that clarification is made public, we’ll know more about what we can and can’t do with the players.”

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