Danylyszyn Praises ‘Perfect’ Obeng As He Leaves The Lambs

Andrew Danylyszyn says Tamworth have lost ‘a perfect person’ in Ahmed Obeng after he left for league rivals Rushall Olympic.

The Lambs co-boss has revealed talks were held with the winger but ultimately, personal reason meant he couldn’t commit for the new season.

Obeng’s departure came as a shock to fans who had taken to him last season – but a return in the future isn’t off the table.

“Ahmed had a family member who was ill and he had to dip out a few times during the season,” Danylyszyn said. “We obviously let him because family comes first, and we promote that within the club.

“He’s got to be closer to home because of it. He’s a great person who really wants to look after his family and he might have to keep dipping in and out of football.

“Ahmed feels like at Rushall he can go there and keep on top of everything.

“When we got to offering him terms, we wanted to try and help him out. Bob [Andrews] was brilliant and offered him something to help him out but in the end, he had to go for those reasons.

“It’s disappointing but sometimes you have to respect a person’s decisions and their motives for doing something because family comes first.

“It’s opened the door for him to come back one day when he’s sorted things out.

“We respect his decision. He’s been great for us both on and off the pitch. He’s showed maturity – when he was dropped, he didn’t sulk about it. He’s basically the perfect person you would want at a football team.”

He added: “We went out on a limb to keep him.

“Truth be told, Ahmed was probably the only one we wanted to keep out of the ones who have left.”

Elsewhere, Danylyszyn has welcomed Boris Johnson’s announcement that fans could be set for a return to stadiums from October.

The Prime Minister said on Friday that a return could be on the cards provided the necessary precautions are taken.

“Football is nothing without fans, especially at Non-League. It’s hand-to-mouth in terms of finances,” Danylyszyn said.

“It’s not just money either. The atmosphere, the smells around the ground of food, the conversations, chanting, sometimes even the moaning – it’s all part of it, it’s nothing without it.

“It works both ways too. When we go away and play in front of a hostile crowd, it galvanizes you and can make you better.

“If pubs can go back and if protests with 40,000 people can be sanctioned, you have to say it’s got to be achievable to go back to watch football. It’s got to be sensible and it’s got to be done in the right way but above all it has to be done.

“Football is a big part of life. It’s the best sport in the world and fans are the biggest part of that.”

Main Image – Kieran Riley

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