VIDEO | All 18 Of POTS Ryan Beswick’s Goals For Tamworth This Season

Ask any manager in any league if they’d be happy if one of their strikers netted 18 goals in a season that prematurely ended in March and they’d probably be pretty happy.

But Tamworth have a midfielder who has hit that tally and he’s made it look easy.

Yes, Lambs captain Ryan Beswick has had some season as his side looked to push for a return to Step 2.

His first goal of the season came way back in August at St Ives on the very first outing of a campaign that would bring the Lambs within a whisker of promotion before a global pandemic had other ideas.

The 31-year-old has another reason to celebrate too, after being voted the club’s Player of the Season by the fans – winning over a third of the votes in the process.

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Now you can watch all 18 goals right here.

All footage and commentary courtesy of Lambs Media – compiled by Tom Scott.

MAIN IMAGE CREDIT – Kieran Riley Photography

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