“You Can’t Just Write Off 30 Games, It’s Just Wrong” | Tamworth’s Smith Furious With FA After Season Is Expunged

(Credit: Kieran Riley)

Tamworth joint-boss Gary Smith believes nobody benefits from declaring the current Southern League Central Premier season null and void – only those who were struggling.

The Lambs were eyeing a return to National League football next season but now face a third season at Step 3 after the campaign was halted prematurely.

And club legend Smith says he’s still having a hard time getting his head around the decision.

“Putting it into words is so tough,” he said. “If we’d only played five or ten games then fair enough, but we haven’t, we played 30. You can’t just write off 30 games, it’s just wrong.

“All that hard work the players have put in. All that hard-earned cash the supporters have spent to get up and down the country, and it means nothing to some people.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Smith added. “The main issue is for everyone to stay safe until we’re through this coronavirus. That is the number one issue but obviously as far as football goes, decisions like this affect us greatly. It’s harsh and hard to fathom.

 “It’s like they don’t care about anyone below the National League. All they had to do was wait. But if you’re going to do it now, it surely should have been by points-per-game.

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“This decision only appeases the teams that are struggling. The teams that have worked hard to make a good season have got nothing out of it which is madness.”

This article was also published in the Non-League Paper on Sunday 29 March 2020.

(MAIN PHOTO CREDIT – Kieran Riley Photography)

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