Turbines’ Boss Jimmy Dean Blasts “Lazy” FA After Decision To ‘Null And Void’ Southern League Season

Peterborough Sports boss Jimmy Dean has blasted the FA’s “lazy” decision to end the season early and is urging them to be more creative in future.

The Turbines sit top of the pile in their first season in the Southern League Central Premier table having scored 90 goals in 33 games.

And although Dean admits his side may not have gone on to win the league in the end, he is adamant the FA have taken the easy way out of a tricky situation.

“The reason the FA don’t want to do that is because they don’t want to be creative,” Dean said. “People are set in their ways and this isn’t a time for that. This is a time for creative, innovative people in football to find a way through this.

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“This decision is not informed. It makes no sense. It’s ethically and morally wrong on so many levels. I understand if they had to make this decision and their hand was forced, but it hasn’t.

“We’ve missed two Saturdays of football. We missed more through the storms we’ve had. In my opinion, it’s a lazy decision. When we started this division, we knew the rules. We play each other home and way and whoever had the most points wins the league. For that reason, points-per-game doesn’t work.

“There are winners and losers in this, but the bad thing is that the winners now lose, and losers now win and that’s a huge problem,” he added. “This will leave a long-term bitter taste in the mouth.

“It’s people who think they know everything, and they think they’ve cracked it now. People in offices who won’t see the effect of this decision at our level – it’s a cop out. They’ve gone with the easy option.”

This interview also featured in the Non-League Paper on Sunday 29 March 2020.

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